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Forging partnerships and

Cb1 Botanicals are dedicated to toward the innovation, introduction and improvement of our products and processes. We have implemented a series of investigative activities to improve the existing state of products and processes within a segment of the phytonutrient market; targeting a number of compounds and how they interact with cellular mechanisms, biological pathways and a number of upstream reactions that occur.

Health Research
Health research is imperative as a high value tool for society, as it provides important insights for improving the current standards. Cb1 Botanicals is dedicated to research and development of high-grade bioactive extracts for improving a range of conditions. Through molecular nutrition, we represent novel scientific paradigms, that will change and enhance current approaches to a number of conditions and diseases.

Molecular Nutrition
Our mission is to expand the understanding and importance of phytochemical intervention and the role it plays in molecular nutrition and health.
CB1 Botanicals are aware of the major challenges that we are faced with - so we collaborate with world-class academia and research facilities to gain access to the technology and innovation required to pursue our goals.

Bioactive Phytochemicals
CB1 Botanicals is seeking a more precise understanding of the mechanisms of action for phytochemicals and nutrients, their dose-response and variations to dose. It’s well documented that there are diverse health effects which can be harnessed through increasing our understanding of numerous plants and their compounds. The potential and actual health benefits of bioactive extracts is opening up a new frontier in diet and health research. Phytochemcials are playing a larger role in health and wellbeing, however this role can be improved by achieving a better understanding of how these compounds target various ailments and conditions on a molecular level.

Epidemiological studies have repeatedly demonstrated that better health and lower incidence of chronic diseases are associated with higher intake of plant based nutrients. Many institutes have demonstrated the diverse role of plant based bioactives; for improving health and reversing or blocking chronic diseases.  

Innovation Partnership with PMBRC 
The PMBRC are the number one research and development team in Ireland’s Pharma Industry, which was solidified when they were awarded winners of the Pharma Industry Awards - the benchmark for excellence within the industry.
The PMBRC specialise in biomedical research, molecular biology, novel sensor and process technologies, materials characterisation and formulation.
Our Innovation Partnership will utilise domain experts in the following:
Materials Characterisation Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Spectroscopy Formulation Purification Molecular Biology Equipment