The master regulator of hundreds of health related mechanisms

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nrf2 - emerging as a vital key
to health and wellbeing

CB1 Botanicals is dedicated to improving the potential of a vital biological pathway of health and wellbeing, the NRF2 Pathway.

What is the NRF2 pathway?
Put simply, it’s just a protein - but an extremely important protein for a number of reasons, mainly because of the role it plays in orchestrating cellular health, in combination with a high volume of upstream reactions that are imperative for healthy functioning systems.
Every biological function is determined by the actions of our cells and ultimately our genes. NRF2 is a master regulator of hundreds of genes, more importantly, many of the genes that protect against oxidative damage triggered by inflammation, disease and a host of other conditions.

Current therapeutic uses for NRF2 are as follows:
- Preventing Cancer (chemoprevention)
- Immune System support/enhancement (immunostimulation/immunomodulation/anti-inflammatory)
- Liver Protection (hepatoprotection)
- Brain/cognitive issues (neurodegenerative conditions including Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, stroke, trauma/infection associated neurological damage)
- Lung issues (respiratory conditions including COPD and asthma)
- Viral infection (Flu/H1N1, Hepatitis)
- Metabolic diseases and associated issues (diabetes, mitochondrial dysregulation)
- Age-associated decline and oxidative stress

CB1 Botanicals are targeting the NRF2 pathway through phytochemical bioactives, in order to address a number of gaps in the current understanding of how plant-based solutions can out-perform many of todays interventions.